A proposal for an effective and proven wellness effort for 40,000 PEHP members starting July 1, 2020 at PEHPwellness.org. Integrated Health & Wellness (IHW) Advantage
Placing employers and organizations in a favorable position to maximize human capital.
  • Rates
    • Best value to participant per dollar spent.
  • Communication
    • IHW maximizes emails through services to send customized messages to participants that allow for click through registration and tracking.
    • IHW utilizes creative software to create individual postcards with variable data to invite members to participate
  • Online Platform
    • IHW establishes a friendly unique online presence to brand client's identity, mission, and purpose to members. Sample client: EHA Wellness
    • IHW creates a simple online platform with web apps that allow participants to easily access and track their progress. Administrative users have access to real-time reports and active records.
    • Protected Health Information (PHI) is never collected or stored on this website. Name, email, and mailing address are securely provided by client and members periodically update information to system. No other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is received, collected, or stored in any manner on this site.
    • PEHP Wellness website has industry-standard encryption. Information sent or received through this site is private.
  • Incentive Processing/Shipping
    • IHW buys incentives directly from manufacturers around the world and ships incentives to participants.

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